Public Health

Many Texans are dealing with health challenges: uninsured persons, low number of immunized children, lack of physical activity, and illness caused by environmental issues. Let’s ensure Texas families from walks of life can see a doctor and live in healthy communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

It’s no secret that Texas has arguably the largest and most unfair criminal justice system in America, with Black, Brown, and poor people disproportionately targeted; this is not something we should be proud of. I know Texas can lead the way in discontinuing unjust discriminatory practices of jailing those from certain zip codes and invest in preventative measures like community policing, decreasing recidivism, and mental health support.


Texas is a great state, but lawmakers are failing to adequately finance public education, and communities and students are suffering the academic, physical, mental, and economic consequences. Every child in Texas deserves a safe and positive educational experience that allows them to reach their full potential, regardless their test score or background. Every educator, who dedicate their lives to our kids, deserve to make a living wage. Paying for college should not create more credit card debt. Let’s ensure Texas leads the way in affordable colleges, equally funded and safe public schools, and fair wages for educators.

Economic Development

The fundamentals that drive a booming economy — jobs, population, income, home construction, access to credit, and consumer confidence — are expected to grow in 2019, however we must address the barriers faced by low income communities to participate in this economy.

Seniors & Veterans

After a many years of valiant service on the battlefield or in the workforce, seniors and veterans deserve dignity, respect, and the best care we can offer.